105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches

105 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches

Usually ships in 24 hours.
If you order now, estimated delivery: April 18 - 19.
Item #111916

Key Features:

  • A total of 105 square prints are taken.
  • Dimensions: 2 x 3 "
  • Material: Glossy cellophane coating is applied to glossy paper and 1st quality photo printing is taken.
  • You can adjust the prepress alignment of the photos as you wish during the customization phase.
  • Your photo prints are carefully taken and sent with an elegant packaging.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Furkan k. / 07.03.2023
First of all, the quality exceeded my expectations, so you can buy without hesitation. The packaging was very good, the shipping was fast, and the satisfaction was excellent.
Nisanur K. / 07.03.2023
It looks great, thank you 😊
Melike M. / 03.03.2023
It arrived very quickly in a very nice and neatly packaged manner. I also really liked the photo quality.
uğur a. / 01.03.2023
Well done, you did a great job
Edanur K. / 24.02.2023
I am overjoyed by how amazingly beautiful and high-quality the photos are. Thanking you is not enough.
Sinem K. / 24.02.2023
The quality of the pictures is beautiful.
bilge a. / 18.02.2023
The packaging was amazing, and I also really liked the quality of the photos.
Kemal Ç. / 17.02.2023
It's okay, I liked it.
Muhammet B. / 03.02.2023
A product that gives its due, but the application was giving a little error this time. I bought the product online and I liked it, it is quite quality considering its price.
İbrahim Ç. / 30.01.2023
The packaging, shipping speed, and photos were amazing. Thank you very much.
Gülcan B. / 16.01.2023
At first, I was very hesitant when placing my order, but now that I see the quality of the print and the care they give, I am very happy. I recommend it, crown your memories with a great product!
Münevver A. / 11.01.2023
I loved the photos and their quality. The colors look perfect. Thank you 🥰🥰
cem p. / 09.01.2023
Thank you.
Mehmet A. / 01.01.2023
The pictures were of excellent quality.
Kutay A. / 31.12.2022
In addition to being delivered quickly, it was exactly as I expected. It was well packaged and the pictures were of high quality. Thank you.
mustafa u. / 30.12.2022
Tiny gift-sharing material, with nice paper and print quality, turned out better than I expected.
Ömür K. / 27.12.2022
I really liked the product. The print quality was fantastic. The gift packaging was nice. It arrived quickly. There were 1-2 missing photos, but it's not a big deal. I have collected some beautiful memories.
Büşra M. / 10.12.2022
The product packaging was very nice, but some of the photos were missing and some were empty, but overall it was very good.
Neşe b. / 06.12.2022
As I expected, they are very beautiful 🌸
Sümeyye K. / 01.12.2022
The product quality is very good, the packaging is beautiful and careful, and the delivery was fast. Thanks to everyone involved in the process.
Sümeyye a. / 26.11.2022
They are very beautiful and the packaging was also very beautiful, I couldn't bear to unpack them. Only the photos were a bit dark, but nevertheless, I really liked them.
Dilara İ. / 25.11.2022
It turned out very nice, and your note that was carefully packed was also great.
Kübra Y. / 15.11.2022
The quality of the photos is so beautiful, I loved it so much. Congratulations on your work. At first, I had some doubts, but they turned out really great. Thank you so much 😻
Melih k. / 02.11.2022
I was called 2-3 times about the order. The delivery time of the order was good, and I also received 5 gifts, all of which were beautiful.
Elif K. / 28.10.2022
You can order without hesitation as it is a perfect product that never compromises on quality. The shipping and packaging were also excellent.
İlayda k. / 24.10.2022
I absolutely loved it.
Gurbet D. / 24.10.2022
It was good but the photo was a bit small.
Gayenaz S. / 18.10.2022
Your hands have become legendary, congratulations!
Adnan T. / 01.10.2022
I really liked it but the size is too small.
Mervan A. / 27.09.2022
We appreciate that the photos are of high quality.
Hüdanur S. / 24.09.2022
The photo quality was good, and I am satisfied. It's a beautiful gift for your loved ones.
Ramazan D. / 22.09.2022
Burcin E. / 15.09.2022
The product arrived nicer than I expected. The photo quality is very good, you can easily place an order.
Berna / 14.09.2022
I sent exactly the same thing as in the visuals and it turned out great. Thank you for your interest and delivery speed. 🤍💯🤗🥰😍🥳🤩
Muhammed R. / 08.09.2022
I liked it very much and the packaging was very nice too.
Yağmur U. / 05.09.2022
The quality of the cards was fantastic and the packaging was also wonderful. Thank you.
Ece P. / 04.09.2022
They are all very beautiful, thank you very much. Only those who were considering sending a dark photo, please do not send it because it seems like it won't show up, but the others are amazing.
Sümeyye Ç. / 25.08.2022
It means "very beautiful" in English.
Umut Ü. / 20.08.2022
I really liked the gift package. The photo quality is also successful.
Oğuz K. / 20.08.2022
Fp product
Medine Ş. / 15.08.2022
I highly recommend it to everyone, it's incredibly good. I didn't expect it to be packaged so well, it's really great.
Esat y. / 13.08.2022
The product arrived exactly as I wanted and the cash on delivery option with fast delivery added an extra charm. Well done and thank you, I highly recommend it with great satisfaction.
Seyma D. / 03.08.2022
They are even more beautiful than I expected. High quality photos, high quality materials. It arrived in a small and sturdy box. Well done!
AKIN k. / 03.08.2022
I can manage it.
Ada S. / 02.08.2022
A little small for a father, so 4 stars for that, but the color is really good.
Aleyna H. / 27.07.2022
Really beautiful and thoughtful.
Eylül N. / 18.07.2022
It came in a very nice way. I liked it.
Sema c. / 17.07.2022
I had placed an order, and there were a few things that I didn't like in the first order. Even though I didn't request it to be changed, they showed interest and sent me a new one. I was very pleased with it. Good profits 😘
Sena K. / 08.07.2022
Oh, it looks great! I had taken around 315 small-sized photos, and now I am going to take around 300 more. I liked it so much.
hatice a. / 07.07.2022