35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches
35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches

35 x Mini Photograph Prints - 2 x 3 inches

Usually ships in 24 hours.
If you order now, estimated delivery: April 18 - 19.
Item #111915

Key Features:

  • A total of 35 photos are ptinted.
  • Dimensions: 2 x 3 "
  • Top quality printing on cellophane coated glossy paper.
  • You can adjust the alignment of the photos to your liking during the customization phase.
  • Your photos are carefully printed and sent after getting gift-wrapped.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Sydney G. / 02.01.2024
Great experience! Photos look great and delivery time was prompt.
Ceyhun D. / 07.03.2023
Fast shipping and the pictures are very nice.
derin y. / 17.02.2023
The photos were even clearer than I thought, I really liked them. Thank you. The packaging was also nice.
Şeyma / 09.02.2023
Very beautiful photos, extremely high quality. I recommend them to everyone. The packaging is also very nice. It arrived very quickly, thank you. ❤️❤️❤️
Hazar A. / 07.02.2023
Thank you.
Ümran Ç. / 04.02.2023
The quality of some of the photos is poor but I still liked them. Thank you.
Sercan B. / 12.01.2023
My product has arrived and it's very beautiful and of very good quality. It's a bit smaller than I thought, but still very beautiful.
Dilruba a. / 10.01.2023
They were very beautiful, but what caught my eye was that their edges were not perfectly aligned in the center.
Demet Y. / 09.01.2023
The product was nicely packaged and printed beautifully. However, five of the side images were printed vertically. It would have been better without them.
Sude Ş. / 04.01.2023
It was even better than I expected it to be, it was very sweet.
Eliff / 27.12.2022
It arrived very nicely, the packaging was very good, only the size was small. The delivery was fast, it's great for a gift.
Melisa D. / 23.12.2022
Two photos that needed to be printed side by side were printed upright, but other than that, the photo quality is good and even the gift note I added looks very nice.
Derya Ş. / 22.12.2022
Mahide G. / 15.12.2022
Dimensions and print quality are very nice, I loved the careful packaging of gifts, thank you.
Şeyma Ö. / 13.12.2022
It arrived nicely packaged. The size was smaller than expected. Some photos had been reduced in size. I recommend it as a nice gift.
Zühriye b. / 06.12.2022
The product was very nicely packaged, I loved it, but the photo quality could have been a little better, but I think it's great for the price.
Esra K. / 06.12.2022
Quality and beautiful.
Talha F. / 05.12.2022
My products arrived beautifully packaged and the product quality is very good. I will order again.
Beyza K. / 02.12.2022
We entrusted our beautiful memories to you again and I really liked every detail from the packaging to the careful printing of each photograph. Thank you very much 🌸💞
Rojin A. / 25.11.2022
You're amazing, really. I loved the product and the delivery was very fast, it arrived in 2 days. I will always shop from here to collect my memories with my loved ones. The prices and quality are excellent. Really, congratulations on your hard work. I had been wanting to buy things from here for a long time, but I was hesitant. From now on, whenever I want to buy a gift or collect memories, I'm here. 10 out of 10, 5 stars.
Mehmet K. / 23.11.2022
Seval A. / 04.11.2022
It looks great, congratulations! We will see a lot more from now on. 🤗🤗🤗
Bahar k. / 31.10.2022
I liked it
burak s. / 27.10.2022
Thank you.
BURCU T. / 24.10.2022
Translation: The speed of delivery and the quality of packing are very good.
BURCU T. / 24.10.2022
Arif K. / 22.10.2022
Şükran E. / 12.10.2022
The first product I bought from the gift basket, but definitely cannot be the last product. The packaging and delivery were perfect, thank you.
Beyza n. / 19.09.2022
This is the first time I'm ordering and I was nervous because photos are a sensitive subject, but the result was fantastic. You don't need to worry when placing an order, the packaging is perfect and I loved the gift wrapping. Delivery was also fast. When the photos arrived, they were shining and the image quality was not compromised. I really liked it. Thank you for your effort :)
Beyza K. / 16.09.2022
I am very satisfied with the quality of the product and it reached my hands quickly.
cem s. / 02.09.2022
Thank you for the magnificent packaging and beautiful print quality.
Zeynep G. / 01.09.2022
At first, I had my doubts, but it really did me a lot of good.
Nihan B. / 27.08.2022
It was beautiful.
Nida Ö. / 14.08.2022
There are two of the photos, but it may also be my mistake. Other than that, they are very nice.
Serpil g. / 11.08.2022
The photos turned out a bit dark in color.
Rabia a. / 05.08.2022
Thank you.
Müberranur K. / 03.08.2022
Really, the quality and packaging were amazing. Thank you.
Alara Y. / 27.07.2022
The packaging was very beautiful and the quality of the photos was very good.
Kadir Y. / 18.07.2022
It was very nice, thank you.
Neslihan b. / 17.07.2022
My pictures were very beautiful, thank you 🥰❤️
Emine N. / 16.07.2022
Everyone needs to do it.
Sudenaz K. / 08.07.2022
Whether it's packaging or photo quality, everything was perfect. You can buy it without any doubt. :)
Songül a. / 08.07.2022
I'm sorry but "Efsaneee" is not a word or phrase in Turkish. Please provide more context to get a correct translation.
Numan a. / 06.07.2022
Everything was perfect, thank you for your hard work. The photo quality was good, well done. Keep up the good work!
Gözde O. / 01.07.2022
The product packaging and quality were very nice :)))
İlknur T. / 28.06.2022
Whether it is the packaging or the photos inside, they were printed very well and of high quality, but one star was deducted because one or two photos did not come out perfectly, which could be due to the sizes I provided.
Ömer F. / 20.06.2022
Very affordable, very beautiful.
Hüsna K. / 18.06.2022
The product came exactly as I wanted it and the packaging was amazing. I definitely recommend it in every aspect.
Pelin Ö. / 11.06.2022
Everything was very beautiful.