500 Piece Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

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Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions are 13.5" x 19"
  • It is shipped with powder adhesive in its boxed and shredded special box.
  • Shipping time is 2-3 business days from order confirmation.
  • In order to get good results, the photo to be sent must be at least 500 KB in size.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Zeynep K. / 11.02.2023
This was my second order, I was very satisfied with the first one and I am also really happy with this one. You are excellent from packaging to product quality, I will always choose you with peace of mind.
Enes K. / 27.01.2023
It came very fast, I didn't check the pieces as I was going to give it as a gift to my girlfriend, so I didn't open it. If they are correct, it will be a perfect gift.
Türkan B. / 12.01.2023
Very well, thank you.
İsmail b. / 29.12.2022
Truly very beautiful.
Ayhan Ö. / 27.12.2022
I thank everyone who is interested and contributed.
Eylül Ç. / 23.12.2022
I received it very quickly, it will be a gift that my friend will really like. Thank you very much.
Selin K. / 21.12.2022
I am very satisfied. The print in the box and the gift packaging are very beautiful. The only thing is that the shipping cost was a bit high.
Arsel A. / 16.12.2022
It is a carefully packaged and satisfactory service, I recommend it to everyone ^.^
Mazlum k. / 16.12.2022
Very nice.
samet y. / 12.12.2022
Thank you, just what I wanted.
Funda S. / 27.11.2022
It was the first time I ordered a product and I was quite satisfied. Furthermore, I thank you for delivering it to me so quickly :)
Melek k. / 20.10.2022
I bought it as a gift for my friend and she liked it very much, thank you.
Sinem e. / 13.10.2022
The gift has reached my hand seamlessly and I cannot wait to open it, it looks very beautiful.
Mustafa Ç. / 06.10.2022
The photo I sent was nicely put over the puzzle, thank you...
Merve G. / 06.10.2022
Özenli paketlemeniz ve mükemmel hızlı kargo içinde ayrıca çok teşekkür ederim💚
Onur C. / 13.09.2022
I definitely recommend it ☺️
Poyraz / 17.08.2022
Thank you for a more important gift than the expensive ones I have been thinking of for a long time. 😊
Tilbe a. / 16.08.2022
I really liked it. It came exactly as I wanted, it is high quality and very nice. Congratulations to the person who prepared it.
Özge b. / 12.08.2022
The gift and its packaging were very beautiful :)
Gülsah h. / 26.05.2022
I really enjoy doing puzzles, so I placed an order, but I had some doubts inside. The product is very beautiful and I was pleased to see that my order was shipped the next day. The fast delivery was very impressive, and the puzzle is high-quality with lovely prints. I am definitely impressed by the careful packaging, and everything was prepared with great attention to detail. I am very satisfied with my purchase, and it is now one of my favorites. Thank you!
İbrahim M. / 12.05.2022
The product is very beautiful and of high quality, the resolution of the photo has not been compromised in any way, it was very carefully packaged and the shipping was fast - I mean it's just perfect 🥰😘😘😘
Fatih Ş. / 18.04.2022
Cargo speed, product quality, product packaging and many more are all great, thank you.
Nuray ö. / 12.04.2022
Hediye had wrapped it beautifully. I received it without any problems.
Mehmet E. / 31.03.2022
But it is really a high-quality and beautiful product. My girlfriend and I loved it, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of buying it.
Melek i. / 27.03.2022
It came as I was expecting, thank you.
İzzettin a. / 01.03.2022
Very beautiful and successful.
Emre K. / 01.03.2022
Quality material
Esat k. / 23.02.2022
Truly very successful.
Canan T. / 18.02.2022
The gift package was very careful and beautiful. I got 500 pieces that were not assembled, and it came much better than I expected 😊.
Melike A. / 18.02.2022
The color tone of the picture I sent did not match with the one I received. The tones of the picture were softer, but the contrast of the device was higher. Nevertheless, it still looks nice. Thank you.
Engin e. / 14.02.2022
It will come in 2 days.
Ilayda / 03.02.2022
Doğan v. / 01.02.2022
The product and shipping are very successful.
rifat ö. / 21.01.2022
Even five stars aren't enough for this service. The puzzle I ordered previously came in a very fast and stylish package. When my latest order arrived with the same quality, it proved that this wasn't just a coincidence. I wish you continued success.
Nazan Ç. / 21.01.2022
I received this wonderful product in a short time and in a very nice package. Thank you very much.
Mert C. / 27.12.2021
I received it really beautifully and quickly. The color quality is also quite good. Those who want to buy it should not hesitate.
Ahmet U. / 03.12.2021
Very high quality, really great 👍🏻👍🏻
Can D. / 23.11.2021
You can upload your photo without hesitation and with peace of mind, and when you hang it on the wall, a beautiful image of high quality will appear before you.
Gülüzar E. / 28.10.2021
zeliha / 20.10.2021
Very fast delivery.
RÜMEYSA B. / 30.09.2021
ellerinize sağlık cok guzel
Fatma İ. / 16.09.2021
One word, you are amazing ♥️
Yeşim K. / 13.08.2021
I sent it as a gift and she liked it very much. My sister, thank you very much. 🙏🏻
Remzi K. / 19.07.2021
Sena A. / 25.06.2021
Beautifully packaged, looks of good quality. Thank you for your attention to detail.
Yunus t. / 16.06.2021
Thank you for designing such a high-quality product. Your hands are blessed, and I recommend it.
rifat ö. / 29.05.2021
Same day shipment, superb gift packaging and a quality product. What more could we ask for? Congratulations on your work.
Ali k. / 18.05.2021
Very good.
Berkay Ş. / 17.05.2021
Great packaging, fast delivery. Thank you.
Hilal İ. / 17.05.2021
Delivered fast and safely.