53 x Photograph Prints - 4 x 6 inches

Usually ships in 24 hours.
If you order now, estimated delivery: April 18 - 19.
Item #112272

Key Features:

  • A total of 53 photos are printed.
  • Dimensions: 4 " x 6 "
  • Top quality printing on cellophane coated glossy paper.
  • You can adjust the alignment of the photos to your liking during the customization phase.
  • Your photos are carefully printed and sent after getting gift-wrapped.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Ezgi Y. / 11.03.2023
Delivery was made very quickly, thank you.
AYSUN G. / 10.03.2023
çok güzellll
AYSUN G. / 10.03.2023
It turned out very beautiful.
AYSUN G. / 10.03.2023
Thank you very much, it's very beautiful.
Deniz G. / 06.03.2023
I really liked it and it was also fast, thank you, it was a great shopping experience.
Emine s. / 05.03.2023
It has been of very high quality, well done and clear. Thank you for the fast delivery.
Liza Z. / 23.02.2023
Güler T. / 07.02.2023
I may have said that the print quality might not be great for its price, but I ordered it to try and it actually came out really nice, I really liked it. The delivery was also very fast, thank you.
Ahmet H. / 31.01.2023
The pictures could have come out a little clearer, but the price is quite good.
Kerem Ö. / 31.01.2023
A careful shipment was made with a gift package. There were probably some issues with the size (empty spaces of different sizes at the edge of the picture) and image quality in a few pictures due to the pictures we sent. I had some trouble uploading the pictures to the system, when I clicked "add" for the 53 pictures I selected, it didn't add all of them. Doing it one by one might be more sensible.
Veda Y. / 23.01.2023
The products were very nice, the shipping was very fast. Thank you.
İlayda C. / 17.01.2023
The photos were printed exactly as adjusted and their quality is very good, we liked them a lot. The price was also reasonable for 53 prints. We also purchased an album in the same size and it looks great. Thank you for your efforts, we loved it 😍
İsmail f. / 06.01.2023
The pictures have arrived, they are very beautiful and we liked them, although they could be a bit more vibrant. Nonetheless, I still liked them and I will also take out my other pictures... The delivery was very fast, thank you for your hard work 🙏🙏
Dilara T. / 29.12.2022
I have a suggestion for those who will place an order. Convert your horizontal photos to vertical and then send them. My advice is to confidently place your order because the quality is quite good. :)
neslihan s. / 29.12.2022
I am very satisfied. I am eagerly looking forward to the discount campaign 🤗.
Hanife T. / 29.12.2022
I really liked it, the quality is superb.
Gülşen A. / 19.12.2022
Quite successful in terms of clarity but I deducted points because despite adjusting the size of the photos, 4-5 of them came out incomplete. However, packaging and all that was quite successful.
Hakan a. / 02.12.2022
The pictures are very beautiful, better than I expected. I wish they were adjusted before printing, they would have looked even better. Congratulations on the good work.
Dilara T. / 29.11.2022
Thank you for your attention to detail :)
Dilek K. / 26.11.2022
The photos came exactly as I wanted. Their quality is very good. Also, thanks for your attention😊
Savaş G. / 15.11.2022
You do not compromise on quality. Moreover, you are cheaper than your competitors in the market. Thank you 👏👏
Zeliha ç. / 14.11.2022
My pictures reached me very quickly and the quality is very nice, thank you.
Bertuğ M. / 27.10.2022
I placed an order in the afternoon and received it the next day. It was packed with wonderful care, even had a ribbon on it.
Fatma a. / 20.10.2022
The photos have arrived in my hands without any damage and in very good quality. From now on, I will always take them out carefully to maintain their quality.
Ahmet C. / 07.10.2022
The products arrived in my hand the very next day, high-quality printing caught my attention. The shipping and packaging were worthy of a gift. Thank you.
Selin a. / 05.10.2022
Thank you, everything is perfect including the print quality and packaging.
Halil b. / 29.09.2022
The print quality could have been better, but compared to the price, it is preferable.
Esra G. / 03.09.2022
My partner was very happy. I highly recommend it to everyone! The quality is also very nice!
Belemir s. / 26.08.2022
The products arrived both fast and complete. Thank you for your service.
Emre Ö. / 20.08.2022
You are very good.