Personalized Photo on Wood as Anniversary Gift for Couples

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Item #101317

Key Features:

  • The product dimensions are 6.25" x 8.5" x 0.5"
  • It is sent with a stand for desktop display.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Burcu G. / 15.12.2022
A wonderful product.
Muharrem D. / 15.11.2022
Quality and beautiful product. Thank you.
Havva S. / 20.06.2022
Thank you.
Zeki T. / 04.04.2022
Suzan / 30.12.2021
Güzel beğendim
Sanem A. / 15.12.2021
We are very satisfied with the fast delivery, thank you.
Engin K. / 05.12.2021
Hasan k. / 23.11.2021
Cumali z. / 20.10.2021
Thank you very much, fast and reliable.
Erdem K. / 25.09.2021
My product's quality, packaging, and shipping were all successful. Thank you.
akın a. / 24.08.2021
Normal quality is good.
ikram k. / 31.07.2021
Beautifully packaged, arrived quickly.
ahmet n. / 09.07.2021
The product is very nice and the processing was very fast, thank you.
Esra D. / 09.06.2021
In one word: WONDERFUL! I loved it. The gift packaging was so graceful that I couldn't bring myself to unwrap it. I just peered at it from the edge and wrapped it back up. Excellent job, and my spouse will love it too.
Mehmet t. / 08.05.2021
Erhan Y. / 17.02.2021
Translation: I think it's a nice gift for wood lovers. I liked it.
Cem D. / 15.08.2020
My spouse enjoyed both the photograph on wood and the chocolate. It is also nice that something has been thought of to prevent the chocolate from melting while on the way.
Mehmet K. / 06.08.2020
Onur S. / 04.08.2020
I can say that the workmanship is excellent, truly a trustworthy and quality site. Congratulations!
Erdi G. / 24.06.2020
The package is good.
N .. / 28.05.2020
It was very nicely packaged. The size is not small. It could be a good gift to give. But the print seemed a bit dull to me. It could have been much better if the print was more intense. I already gave it 3 stars for the print. Thank you ♥️
Kamuran Ş. / 11.05.2020
It was a very nice gift, we liked it very much.
Büşra H. / 09.05.2020
Your page is super. We loved your shipping speed and really admired your impressive chart, your earned money is well-deserved and blessed.
Gulhan y. / 04.03.2020
Great product, great gift, this is my second purchase, thank you ??
Merve d. / 25.02.2020
Very nice, I liked it a lot.
Merve d. / 19.02.2020
Thank you for very fast and easy delivery.
Ganime K. / 16.02.2020
The cargo arrived a little late, but the packaging of the gift was very careful and beautiful, just as I wanted it. Thank you!
Bahriye S. / 07.02.2020
The wooden panel that I ordered for my sibling and their spouse turned out to be very beautiful, and my sibling called me to express their satisfaction in very nice words. Of course, I was very happy, thank you.
Şevval Z. / 05.02.2020
It reached my hand very quickly and I loved the gift.
Eda d. / 31.01.2020
Thank you very much beyond the storm...♥️
Mehmet g. / 30.01.2020
Thank you.
Mehmet Ö. / 28.01.2020
ence "Excellence
Oğuzhan O. / 23.01.2020
I placed an order on Wednesday noon and it arrived on Thursday noon. I wasn't expecting it to arrive so quickly. The product that arrived was even better than I expected. Magnificent!
Mustafa A. / 23.01.2020
Fast delivery and beautiful product, just as it appears.
Oğuzhan O. / 23.01.2020
I placed an order on Wednesday at noon and it arrived on Thursday. I couldn't believe it and was very surprised. It arrived in my hands very quickly and the product that came was even better than I expected. Thank you.
Mehmet K. / 15.01.2020
Fast and high quality
Erdoğan S. / 15.01.2020
Quality material, fast delivery.
ceren t. / 06.01.2020
It looks very elegant and arrived very quickly; thank you.
Cengiz D. / 31.12.2019
The product is as seen in the picture. Thank you, have a good day.
Sariye T. / 09.12.2019
Thank you, it came just as I expected, very nice.
Beste t. / 12.11.2019
My product has turned out very beautiful, thank you for your hard work. I always shop with confidence and without hesitation. Thank you very much, I wouldn't have wanted to give you only five stars because you deserve more.
Duygu A. / 31.10.2019
It arrived very quickly and carefully, I think it's a very suitable choice for a special gift.
Muhsin b. / 29.10.2019
I am grateful for your interest and attention.
Büşra T. / 26.10.2019
An indispensable gift for special occasions. The name and date make the gift special. It is also an ideal size to keep on a desk.
Havva S. / 22.10.2019
We liked it very much, it was very beautiful. Thank you for your effort and congratulations!
Derya Ç. / 21.10.2019
The frame was very nice. It was my first purchase from the website and I had some doubts, but I'm very satisfied. Thank you.
Minel k. / 07.10.2019
Product arrived, thank you very much. It came exactly as it appeared, I think this is the perfect place for secure shopping.
ismail ö. / 02.10.2019
Thank you, I am really pleased with your interest.
CEMAL D. / 02.09.2019
The product arrived in a well-packaged and properly sealed condition. Its quality is also good.
Hüseyin M. / 28.08.2019
A better product than I expected, and the gift packaging was also of good quality. My spouse liked it a lot. Thanks.