Personalized Engraved Wooden Photo Gift for Dad with Family Photo

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Item #101314

Key Features:

  • The product dimensions are 6.25" x 8.5" x 0.5"
  • It is sent with a stand for desktop display.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Ömer Y. / 18.06.2022
Thank you, it is a very nice product. Well done on your hard work.
Şahida E. / 11.06.2022
You have done such a beautiful job with our gift, congratulations and thank you very much for your hard work and efforts.
Seda F. / 09.06.2021
First of all, thank you very much. Despite ordering it just a day ago, I received it immediately the following day. The workmanship is also very good. Thank you for your efforts.
Gül a. / 07.06.2021
Very fast and excellent work. Thank you.
Duygu Ö. / 21.05.2021
I've shopped here before and never had any regrets. It was the same this time. I bought a Father's Day gift for my husband and you made such a beautiful gift wrap that he was happy even before opening it. The quality of the gift inside is undisputable. Thank you for your efforts. 🥰🌸
Ayşe d. / 23.06.2020
In addition to the quality of the product, the attention and interest is also very good. They provide quick solutions to problems and instantly resolve customer grievances. I thank them.
Nihat D. / 20.06.2020
Fast delivery, beautiful product.
Aycan A. / 18.06.2020
Thank you for your effort, I received it in one day and I didn't expect it to be this good. Thank you for your interest :)
Ersen k. / 18.06.2020
Our order did not disappoint us in terms of quality, beauty, and timing. We were really pleased more than we expected and we thank you very much.
Hatice b. / 16.06.2020
Great product, don't hesitate. The craftsmanship is as good as a framed photograph on a table. The packaging is also beautiful, I absolutely loved it. Congratulations to the makers.
büşra g. / 11.06.2020
I LOVED it in one word. You can order without thinking twice, the packaging was very careful. Also, it arrived in my hands in 4 days.
Emre y. / 11.06.2020
The product was packed carefully and it arrived on time. Well done!
Rana Y. / 03.06.2020
A site I shopped from for the first time, but I am very satisfied. They were very attentive and my product arrived quickly. It was also meticulously packaged. Thank you very, very much.
Fatma k. / 18.04.2020
The product is very beautiful.
Banu Ö. / 11.11.2019
Hello, the wooden painting I wanted turned out even more beautiful than I expected. Both me and the friend I gave it to loved it. Thank you so much for your efforts.
İrem D. / 18.09.2019
It has turned out very beautiful, I received it the next day. Thank you for your effort and skill.
rıdvan ö. / 06.08.2019
Very beautiful.
berkan ö. / 02.08.2019
I liked it very much, thank you. The shipping was delayed, but it's not a problem on your end.
Umut M. / 27.06.2019
Seda y. / 23.06.2019
I liked it very much.
Gonca Ç. / 17.06.2019
The product was very nice. It was shipped on the same day and packaged beautifully.
Pelin A. / 17.06.2019
Thank you for your interest and support in delivering the product in time for Father's Day. Also, I am very pleased with the product, good job!
Gülşah k. / 17.06.2019
We really liked it, well done!
Ali a. / 15.06.2019
You're great, thank you! It turned out very good, and it came quickly. You have gained my trust :)
Demet y. / 15.06.2019
The product is very nice, just as shown in the visuals, but the delivery was a complete scandal. They didn't bring it for two days, so we went and got it ourselves with another courier. I recommend that you make an agreement with another courier or offer a different shipping option.
Esra ç. / 14.06.2019
Thank you very much.
Sema k. / 14.06.2019
The product is very nice, fast shipping, they never regretted it.
Bahar ç. / 29.05.2019
I really liked the product, it was carefully prepared, packaged and shipped. Thank you, well done and congratulations on your hard work.
Ebru B. / 21.05.2019
I was very satisfied with your service. Thank you.
Ebru B. / 21.05.2019
My gift reached my hand quickly, thank you for your fast and quality service.
Mustafa c. / 11.05.2019
The gift package arrived quickly and was packaged carefully. Thank you for your speed on your website.
Ayşe Y. / 27.09.2018
Thanks for your fast delivery. The product is also nice.
Yusuf E. / 13.08.2018
Çok güzeldi
Nurdan i. / 23.06.2018
I really liked it. Thank you ❤️
Nilgün Ö. / 25.09.2017
bahar g. / 05.09.2017
arzu e. / 18.06.2017
A product of the same quality as seen on full screen arrived in a careful gift package. Perfect for those looking for a unique and meaningful gift... Thank you.
Azize o. / 14.06.2017
My shipment has arrived, very nicely. Thank you.
eda k. / 08.06.2017
My wooden burning plaque, as seen on full screen, arrived in my hands with super fast shipping. I am very pleased with your website and speed. If anyone is thinking of ordering, I highly recommend not wasting any time...
Merve Y. / 07.06.2017
Nevzat Y. / 13.05.2017
Delivery is fast and the product is beautiful, the only problem is that there is no shipment on special occasions.
TUĞBERK A. / 22.08.2016
In terms of competition, the formation of such a shadow is excellent, congratulations.
ncy / 23.06.2016
We quickly reached our hands. It would have been much nicer if the wood had been varnished.
burcu d. / 22.06.2016
The product was very good, thank you.
esra s. / 14.06.2016
We anxiously awaited our Father's Day gift wondering how it would turn out, but it turned out really great. I would definitely buy another gift from this website on the next Father's Day. This is because they not only send the gifts on time but also immediately implement customer requests and suggestions and provide information via telephone. In short, their customer communication is superb. Thanks to everyone involved in this effort.
serpil / 10.06.2016
serpil / 08.06.2016
aylin d. / 19.06.2015
I had questions like how will the print be, but it turned out really beautiful :)) Congratulations! I placed my order yesterday and it arrived at noon today. Thank you for the fast delivery. Another thing that caught my attention was that because the product was a Father's Day gift, it was noted for the delivery to be made by June 21 when the product was shipped to the shipping company. Thank you also for your kind approach.
/ 08.06.2015
It was sent very fast and it is a beautiful product. Thank you.
çiğdem s. / 28.05.2015
I placed my order yesterday and the product arrived in my hand today. The print looks really nice, well done!