Instagram Post Design Wooden Frame Gifts for Her

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Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 0.5"

  • Material: Solid Wood
  • The print does not fade and does not come off.
  • Can be used on any place with a flat surface such as desks, shelves-showcases, TV units, consoles etc.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Hatice k. / 25.12.2022
A high-quality and beautiful product👍🏻
Mounir h. / 13.12.2022
My order arrived within 2 days, they provide a very good service. I highly recommend it.
Gamze g. / 24.10.2022
Products are very nice and of high quality, I really liked them 😇
Onat b. / 21.07.2022
The product is very nice, thank you.
Azad B. / 21.06.2022
It has become a very quality work. Well done!
Özdenur ş. / 27.02.2022
İrem k. / 21.02.2022
I had bought a gift for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and it came very beautiful and of high quality. It really deserves the money he spent on it, it was reasonably priced but the product is really beautiful in terms of design. I thought about it because my boyfriend is in the army and we are apart from each other. Thank you very much.
Onur i. / 11.02.2022
As always, you are quality.
Aknur G. / 24.12.2021
Great job, congratulations and of course, I highly recommend this, it's a really beautiful thing. 🤍🙏
Özlem B. / 06.12.2021
As usual, it's a very nice gift option and it's greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
gökhan k. / 18.10.2021
Although I haven't seen the product yet, I believe it's a very well-organized place and they're very fast. I highly recommend it.
zarife d. / 18.05.2021
The product is very nice, I liked it.
Emrah A. / 12.05.2021
Product packaging and the quality of the shipping and product are worth 5 stars.
Melisa / 27.02.2021
At first, I was a bit hesitant about buying the gift, thinking "What if it turns out bad?" But I sent it to my friend and they loved it! They were afraid it wouldn't be good, but it was actually a really beautiful gift. They were very pleased with the gift itself and it was wrapped perfectly. You guys are amazing and very successful. Thank you for not disappointing us. Great job!
Şela H. / 11.11.2020
Edanur ö. / 18.07.2020
The product arrived very nice. Thank you.
Berivan ö. / 28.04.2020
I really, really liked it. Fast shipping, product quality, and of course, their prompt attention. I highly recommend it.
KIRA o. / 15.04.2020
My spouse liked it very much. It just needs some sanding on the wooden edges, but it has become a very beautiful gift.
Şah M. / 13.04.2020
Hersy is very beautiful, thank you very much for everything." ❤️
MEHMET S. / 05.04.2020
Faster shipping, product is even more beautiful than it appeared in the picture.
Aybükem Y. / 20.01.2020
My gift was very well-liked. Thank you!! :)
Feyza A. / 30.12.2019
Fatma s. / 31.05.2019
Thank you for the product quality and service.
Merve H. / 15.05.2019
Thank you very much, just as I expected, it was very beautiful.
Emre e. / 04.04.2019
The product is quite good in terms of material, but the picture has shifted slightly and I can't fix it.
Kübra A. / 22.02.2019
Very quickly and incredibly beautifully, the packaging was also prepared with great attention to detail. Thank you very much.
Mustafa S. / 19.02.2019
I liked the product. It was exactly as shown in the picture. Moreover, I also liked the gift packaging. Thank you.
Emre K. / 15.02.2019
Ellerine sağlık
Hüseyin a. / 14.02.2019
Well done, thank you very much, your skillful craftsmanship is appreciated.
Gökhan P. / 23.01.2019
It was a very fast delivery. The product looks very beautiful visually.
Esra E. / 25.12.2018
I really liked it. The delivery was very fast. Thank you.
Emre G. / 06.12.2018
My girlfriend really liked it, it's a beautiful gift that will be remembered as an unforgettable memory.
cennet ş. / 26.11.2018
Thank you very much, my gift was really liked.
SERVET D. / 14.11.2018
First of all, I would like to mention that I liked the gift, but the only problem is that I thought it was a picture on wood when I looked at it, but it is actually a photo transfer. So, I give it a rating of 6 out of 10.
Ebrar a. / 16.10.2018
üper (The word "Süper" is already in Turkish and means "super" in English)
Hayrunnisa ç. / 11.10.2018
It was carefully packaged and arrived as expected, I did not have any problems.
Ramazan K. / 04.10.2018
It came in a more beautiful way than I expected.
Kader T. / 28.09.2018
It may seem like I'm advertising, but believe me, it is not related. This is my nth time shopping here, and they have never once deceived me. Even with the slightest mistake, they stand behind it till the end and offer help. I recommend them to everyone. They are truly flawless.
Mahmut Ş. / 06.09.2018
What more could there be?
Gökhan Y. / 03.09.2018
YUSUF S. / 13.08.2018
You can confidently buy a really nice gift for your loved ones.
Beyza ö. / 02.08.2018
My product was very beautiful and just as I expected, but I had trouble with the delivery. They did not deliver it to my address and instead asked me to come pick it up from where they were (via domestic shipping). Because of this, I will think twice about using this courier service when I place my next order, or may avoid using them altogether just because of their actions.
Damla A. / 27.07.2018
I think it's a very beautiful and high-quality gift, and it came quickly. Thank you!
Fatma R. / 26.07.2018
Berat S. / 26.07.2018
A perfect product, super.
burcu k. / 09.07.2018
It came earlier than I thought. Thank you.
alexis g. / 05.10.2022
Sign i. / 05.10.2022
teemorgan654 / 11.11.2022
Fast shipping, nice wood, as described.
krstnlm5 / 19.11.2022
The hanging bracket was on the bottom of the plaque instead of the top. Not sure how to hang it now.