Instant Style Photo Printed Personalized Magic Mug

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Key Features:

  • Porcelain Mug.
  • The heat from hot beverages slowly reveals the hidden image.
  • Three different color options: Orange, Yellow and White.
  • Its dimensions are 3.25" x 4"
  • Sublimation Printing
  • The print on the mug is long lasting and permanent. It needs to be washed by hand with warm water. Washing at a very high temperature, even in the dishwasher or by hand, may cause the printing on your glass to come off. Never wash in the dishwasher or in extremely hot water.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Mihriban S. / 20.01.2023
Asena A. / 24.12.2022
Congratulations for the beautiful gift, well done!
Gonca K. / 18.11.2022
The product is packaged very nicely, thank you. I really liked it.
Ömer K. / 14.11.2022
Ellerinize emeğinize sağlık güzel
meryem k. / 02.09.2022
Thank you very much for your quality and appearance.
Halil İ. / 01.09.2022
Fast and reliable
mehmet y. / 24.08.2022
Very good.
munise C. / 10.05.2022
It was delivered on time again 👌👍 I had received it just before the holiday and was very happy that it had arrived 🌺☺️
Canan h. / 13.01.2022
Incomplete product was delivered, the cup has still not been delivered.
Selin a. / 22.11.2021
I had gifted my friend the same glass again as she was upset upon breaking it and missed it. She liked it very much again. Thank you for your careful delivery.
Oğuzhan T. / 14.10.2021
Yağmur T. / 18.09.2021
Photos are beautifully printed, I liked them, thank you.
muhammed b. / 17.09.2021
I shopped from this platform for the first time and I am extremely satisfied. Everything was very professional. From now on, I will definitely do my shopping here regularly and strongly recommend it to people in my circle. I would also like to thank the platform and the store.
Merve T. / 17.06.2021
It was very beautiful, every product was very beautiful.
ismail B. / 07.06.2021
I recommend it.
Demet Ö. / 06.05.2021
Banu E. / 16.04.2021
Thank you very much for your service and fast delivery. Have a good day.
Ümmügülsün K. / 16.03.2021
The person who received the gift that I bought really liked it. I am happy that I chose you, thank you :))
Melih a. / 15.12.2020
It was beautiful, congratulations on your hands.
Zehra T. / 23.11.2020
Very nice product and shipping was also very fast. I recommend it. Thank you for your efforts.
Berra A. / 02.10.2020
You should definitely buy it, it's very beautiful. I bought it and I always have it with me.
Senanur G. / 20.08.2020
I sent it as a gift to my friend, and they really liked it. It was delivered two days after ordering.
Ayşegül a. / 27.02.2020
The black part was less intense than I expected when viewed closely and carefully, but the pictures can be seen and it is very beautiful.