Name and Initial Engraved Beer Mug

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Item #105858

Key Features:

  • The product includes 1 beer glass
  • It measures 5.25" in height and 3.25" in diameter
  • It has a capacity of 17 oz
  • The beer glass is Paşabahçe Pub model.
  • Product customization is done by laser engraving method.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Alpay D. / 28.02.2023
Successful product.
Tutku Ö. / 28.12.2022
It is very pleasant.
Serife u. / 21.12.2022
It is very clear that you have given great importance to the delivery of my order and turned it into a beautiful gift package. I had a feeling that it would look great even before I opened the box. Congratulations on the excellent job, it arrived in a short time. Now, I am going to place my second order.
Gülay D. / 28.10.2022
It was packaged very nicely, and the products arrived in very good quality 🤌🏻🤌🏻
Nihat Ş. / 11.10.2022
The products have reached me... The quality of the products, attentive work, and fast service are exceptional... especially the kind employees... thank you 🙏
Zübeyde Ç. / 25.09.2022
👍 - Thumbs up
Arzu e. / 15.09.2022
Quality, fast shipping, a gift worth getting. I would have expected the writings to be a bit more vivid.
Rumeysa A. / 13.09.2022
I liked it very much.
Tuğrul K. / 18.08.2022
The gift was liked. The packaging was nice and the shipping was good.
Müge G. / 11.08.2022
You are great. The products arrived very quickly and are very good.
Sultan K. / 01.04.2022
Thank you.
Hayal b. / 14.02.2022
Thank you very much for careful packaging and fast delivery.
Hatice M. / 14.02.2022
I haven't seen what's inside yet because it's a gift, but the packaging was very good.
Ali A. / 02.02.2022
The products of Merb are very well-packaged with great care. However, the writing on the packaging doesn't seem to be related to the product image. The writing in the image is shaded, which makes it very clear, but in reality, it's not very noticeable. The shaded writing and the regular writing blend together to create a slightly blurry effect. However, it's still understandable and manageable. It's just that the writing on the product image could be clearer. Thank you.
Gamze K. / 01.02.2022
The quality of your product, the speed of your delivery, and your packaging are all excellent. I constantly shop here for special occasions and feel confident buying gifts for my loved ones :)
Sennur Ş. / 29.01.2022
ELİF U. / 18.01.2022
Thank you, the gift has been very nice, good work.
Senan E. / 28.12.2021
I bought it as a New Year's gift for my spouse. They loved it. Thank you.
Sebnem A. / 07.12.2021
Our gift order arrived extremely well-packaged and I'm sure the contents are in the same great condition. I would recommend this website to everyone. 🍀
Merve ç. / 07.09.2021
The product arrived exactly as shown in the visual and the packaging was very careful. Thank you.
Tuğba B. / 04.08.2021
I liked it very much.
Mesude A. / 02.08.2021
The only site I chose for gifts, I fell in love with the product 🧡.
Petek G. / 27.07.2021
The product looks as good as it appears.
Burçin U. / 14.07.2021
Packaging is perfect, thank you ☺️
Bilal o. / 10.07.2021
The writing I was expecting was larger, but the writing is a bit small nevertheless, it is still a good piece of work. Thank you.
Ezgi / 08.07.2021
Very beautiful.
Fatma ö. / 24.06.2021
The product is really good, the company shipped it very quickly, but the shipping company (Kargoist) is terrible. It took one week for the product to arrive, the package went all around Istanbul, and even got some sea air, thank God :)
Gamze K. / 23.06.2021
Göktuğ Y. / 23.06.2021
Thank you so much, Superdi.
LAUD M. / 16.06.2021
The quality and packaging of the product are excellent.
Bilge S. / 04.06.2021
The writing is a bit dull but other than that, the packaging and shipping time were excellent. Thank you.
Nilgün K. / 22.05.2021
The product arrived much more beautiful than it looked. The packaging was done very nicely, thank you 😊
Fidan D. / 18.05.2021
It was carefully packaged, it's impossible for anything to happen to it during shipping. Additionally, it's a very beautiful gift package, I really liked it. Thank you. However, the writing on it doesn't stand out too much due to the small size, especially on the cup. Thanks for the fast shipping.
Gamze B. / 18.05.2021
gizem s. / 05.05.2021
gayet guzel
Can B. / 11.04.2021
The product was packaged very nicely and I received it quickly. Thank you.
ilknur a. / 08.03.2021
Service delivery is excellent in every sense of the word. I thank all the team members who contributed.
Sertaç Ç. / 24.02.2021
Thank you very much for the fast and quality service. I also liked the package. Thank you.
merve a. / 19.02.2021
The packaging was very good, just as I expected. Thank you.
Sevda d. / 18.02.2021
The packaging was very nice. The product seems a little big and the writing does not appear too much. The glass looks very sturdy. Thank you for the packaging.
Duygu S. / 17.02.2021
The product is beautiful. The packaging was great, and we really liked it. Thank you.
Duygu G. / 17.02.2021
Product, packaging and shipping are really great :) The product is exactly as shown in the visual, the packaging is both very stylish and extremely safe, and the advance notification of the delivery time is a very nice feature. This was my first purchase, and definitely won't be my last :) Thank you..
Ümmühan y. / 17.02.2021
AYDIN Ş. / 21.01.2021
Fast shipping and very well-packaged, I definitely recommend you to get it.
OYLUM Ü. / 05.01.2021
Even though it was an official holiday, delivering it in one day was perfect. Thank you very much.
firdevs y. / 30.12.2020
I was amazed by the magnificent packaging of this product I gifted. The product with craftsmanship has already reached out of town in a short time. You made us smile, thank you!
Esma G. / 30.12.2020
Perfect. Even the box was meticulously prepared, I really liked it. Thank you very much.
Ayşegül Ö. / 25.12.2020
First of all, the shipping was very fast. I had placed the order at night and it arrived the next day. I had bought it as a Christmas gift for my dad. It was very nicely packaged and my dad loved it. Thank you for your service :)
ÇAĞLAR Ü. / 24.12.2020
They never disappointed me in any of my orders, quality products and fast delivery. Thank you.
Melis H. / 24.12.2020
Packaging was very careful, delivery was fast, and the product was just like in the picture. Thank you.