Personalized Magic Mug
Personalized Magic Mug
Personalized Magic Mug
Personalized Magic Mug
Personalized Magic Mug
Personalized Magic Mug
Personalized Magic Mug
Personalized Magic Mug
Personalized Magic Mug
Personalized Magic Mug

Personalized Magic Mug

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Key Features:

  • Porcelain Mug.
  • The heat from hot beverages slowly reveals the hidden image.
  • Three different color options: Orange, Yellow and White.
  • Its dimensions are 3.25" x 4"
  • Sublimation Printing
  • The print on the mug is long lasting and permanent. It needs to be washed by hand with warm water. Washing at a very high temperature, even in the dishwasher or by hand, may cause the printing on your glass to come off. Never wash in the dishwasher or in extremely hot water.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Recep Z. / 11.03.2023
I liked it, thank you. ✋
FİLİZ Ö. / 07.03.2023
Very beautiful : -)))
Duygu K. / 21.02.2023
The product is truly of high quality, I recommend it to everyone. It reached my hand quickly and can be bought without any hesitation. I bought it as a Valentine's Day gift for my girlfriend and she really liked it 😇 Thank you for the care shown even in packaging 🤩
Ali K. / 20.02.2023
Thank you for the care shown.
Ece / 17.02.2023
Abdullah D. / 15.02.2023
I have been using online shopping for over 10 years and this was by far the best packaging that I have received. Thank you for the careful gift wrapping.
Seçil Ç. / 15.02.2023
Magnificent in a single word 🥰
Emir T. / 07.02.2023
It was a gift prepared meticulously and exactly the way I wanted it. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed.
Esma N. / 31.01.2023
Definitely deserves a five-star rating, this package. I wasn't optimistic, but it arrived with such a beautiful packaging and quality 🥹💗
BAHAR A. / 19.01.2023
We bought a gift for our friend. They really liked it. It was a pleasant shopping experience as usual. Thank you very much 😍😘
Fuat E. / 19.01.2023
I am very satisfied, thank you.
Yasin S. / 17.01.2023
It arrived perfectly beautiful and fast just like in the photo.
ÖZLEM A. / 17.01.2023
It came in a very beautiful gift package, along with a gift card. The pictures on the cup turned out exactly as I wanted. Thank you very much for your care and attention. I definitely recommend you.
Ömer s. / 12.01.2023
Product packaging was very good, I was worried it might break, but it was very good. If the printed image was a little bigger, it would have been nice.
Selin / 03.01.2023
3. I had an order and everyone I gave the gift to liked it very much.
Emine Y. / 02.01.2023
Emel k. / 29.12.2022
I have purchased your product but have not opened it yet. I presume it is good quality. Thank you for your hard work.
Erkan Y. / 27.12.2022
NİHAL E. / 26.12.2022
It was delivered very nicely, quickly and smoothly with a very beautiful packaging.
Kelly D. / 24.12.2022
Well printed. They did a great job.
SEZAİ K. / 23.12.2022
It reached my hand very quickly. I can say the preparation and shipping were excellent. 👍
deniz ü. / 21.12.2022
It came very fast. A day after I received the product, a gift voucher was released, but anyway, there's nothing to be done. The product is nice.
Ayşe g. / 20.12.2022
👍 means "thumbs up" in English.
Zeki B. / 19.12.2022
The product was very beautiful 😍 Order accordingly as the delivery process takes 4-5 days.
Yeliz H. / 13.12.2022
I am very pleased.
SERAP S. / 12.12.2022
This is the third year that I have ordered gifts without any regrets from your service. Congratulations on the good work. I wish all of your employees a great year ahead. 🌺🌺🌺
Şakir g. / 06.12.2022
If you enlarge the photo, it would be great, but the rest...
Hasan p. / 06.12.2022
The product arrived cursed in a beautiful way.
Seda n. / 03.12.2022
Very successful.
efe ü. / 02.12.2022
Samiye G. / 01.12.2022
My son bought a gift for his teacher and was very happy. It was very beautiful and we liked everything very much. Thank you for everything.
Tugba T. / 01.12.2022
The package hasn't been opened yet. I will give it as a gift to my spouse, but I'm sure it's beautiful.
Kerim ö. / 01.12.2022
It looks very nice, congratulations on your hard work.
Zeynep E. / 23.11.2022
I am satisfied with your service.
Özden B. / 20.10.2022
Translation: The application was great. I hope it lasts for a long time. The packaging was also very good and it arrived in my hands without any damage. Thank you.
Esra Ö. / 19.10.2022
Sagsalim arrived broken, but everything is okay, thank you.
Savaş Ö. / 17.10.2022
The product is very nice, and it was carefully packaged. Thank you.
Çağla K. / 16.10.2022
The product is very high quality and beautiful, thank you so much for delivering it to me on time as I wanted. Your speed is incredible and the gift wrap was amazing. Thank you❤️
Gökhan B. / 14.10.2022
The product arrived carefully prepared just the way I wanted it. Congratulations to everyone involved in its creation.
İsmail ö. / 06.10.2022
Really beautiful tale," he said and cupped the mug.
İsmail ö. / 06.10.2022
I bought a really nice mug for my sibling's birthday. It takes great photos when hot or cold drinks are in it. I also thank those who prepared the gift.
Arzu m. / 17.09.2022
Batuhan B. / 06.09.2022
Eren C. / 05.09.2022
Definitely worth buying, I liked it a lot.
Hasan h. / 01.09.2022
The product was quite successful and came beautifully.
Cetin K. / 25.08.2022
Ertuğrul A. / 25.08.2022
A much more beautiful gift than I expected, with a beautifully wrapped gift package.
Şeymanur A. / 20.08.2022
Ali C. / 08.08.2022
I really liked it, it's very beautiful.
Çiğdem C. / 03.08.2022