Romantic Personalized Wooden Picture

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Item #101273

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 8.75" x 12" x 0.5"

  • It has a wall hanging bracket.
  • It is sent with metal legs for tabletop display.
  • It can be prepared either vertically or horizontally depending on your photo prefences.
  • It is laser engraved on solid wood with a thickness of 0.5" and is permanent.
  • In the customization section, 1 of your photos and your names are applied on the wooden photo.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Sacide G. / 01.11.2022
The product has now arrived in my hands. I really liked it. Thank you also for your care about the gift packaging. You will be my priority for future gift purchases.
Göksel T. / 08.08.2022
Excellent. Fast shipping and carefully packaged.
Mukbil G. / 27.12.2021
The product was very high quality and it was packaged with care in a gift box. All the special requests and notes were complete. It was shipped quickly within a day and arrived on time. Thank you.
Recep E. / 19.10.2021
Thank you.
Sezgi Y. / 04.12.2020
Very beautiful, you can order without thinking. The note card is also great.
Cemal K. / 10.09.2020
Mustafa Ş. / 12.08.2020
The product is quite good and successful.
Engin t. / 12.08.2020
Thank you for carefully packaging it so thoughtfully...
Berkan u. / 17.07.2020
It really satisfied my expectations, it is very nice and beautiful. It arrived in my hands one day after I ordered it, and the packaging was also good. Congratulations to those who did it.
HAKAN Ç. / 18.06.2020
İbrahim p. / 03.12.2019
I had it done as a surprise for my spouse. At first, I was a bit hesitant to do it, but they really came up with excellent workmanship.
Özkan y. / 09.11.2019
I really liked the product, packaging is great.
İbrahim G. / 22.10.2019
Nice product, fast delivery.
Gürhan G. / 13.10.2019
I received my second product from here and the service is great, it is delivered on time.
Osman m. / 22.06.2019
The product is very nice, thank you.
Macit Ö. / 15.04.2019
The product is very beautiful, packaging and shipping are great and complete. It would be legendary if the prices were a little more affordable.
Kaan d. / 13.04.2019
I really liked the product, guys. It's super great. The professionals did a great job. My trust in them is endless. I also recommend it to you.
Ali K. / 27.02.2019
I liked the product very much as I expected, and it also reached me very quickly. Well done and thank you!
Nuri E. / 12.02.2019
It met my expectations.
Arda t. / 27.01.2019
It has been really great, thank you very much for your work, please continue to make us happy like this.
hüsnü u. / 09.01.2019
First of all, I am satisfied with the website, but the shipping companies are not working comprehensively. Still, thank you for the attention and interest (Ms. Elif).
Emrah y. / 31.12.2018
A very nice gift.
Hakki S. / 28.11.2018
My gift arrived just in time, thank you. 4 stars.
ERSOY Ç. / 23.11.2018
Wonderful, thank you very much.
Mehmet Z. / 30.10.2018
It's a very beautiful and stylish work. We really liked it and placed it in the corner of our room. It's a long-lasting and permanent gift, truly beautiful. We're very satisfied with the transportation and delivery to the address. It's a service that I would recommend.
Berk C. / 15.10.2018
The production and delivery speed were very good. However, if a varnish was applied to the wooden surface, it would have raised the level of the gift by one point. Well done.
Hasan d. / 08.10.2018
Just in time and fantastic.
Aylin C. / 18.09.2018
The product arrived even better than I expected. The packaging was done with great care. I also thank you for the fast shipping. Good job!
Feyzullah k. / 15.09.2018
Veli S. / 07.09.2018
In internet shopping, people are usually prejudiced but when examined properly, there are no question marks in your mind. I definitely recommend it, especially the delivery stage (cargo) is wonderful when prepared. Thank you very much for your interest.
fatma k. / 30.08.2018
MUHİDDİN A. / 09.08.2018
I can say that it's more beautiful, bigger than I expected, and the presentation is great. Thank you for your interest.
Aygün Ç. / 07.08.2018
Product quality and delivery time were perfect, I recommend it.
zeynep d. / 07.07.2018
I have never seen such a fast cargo and such a service, I was amazed. It's exactly the same.
Esin y. / 06.07.2018
I really liked the product; fast delivery and high-quality product.
ufuk ç. / 28.05.2018
They were very helpful through WhatsApp, thanks to them. It was a beautiful gift that deserved every penny. Also, they are very fast.
meliha / 26.04.2018
Doğuhan İ. / 17.04.2018
Aylin G. / 23.03.2018
Very beautiful and fast.
Ömer İ. / 01.03.2018
Fast and beautiful.
Gökhan g. / 27.02.2018
The gift I purchased was even more beautiful than what I saw in the photo, and the price was reasonable. I am satisfied with your service.
Nihat u. / 15.02.2018
Thank you to everyone who put in more effort than expected, it turned out more beautiful than expected.
Ömer D. / 14.02.2018
Great job, I really liked it.
FEYZA B. / 13.02.2018
As usual, you are amazing.. You did a great job again, congratulations to the whole team for their hard work...
Çiğdem T. / 13.02.2018
Congratulations on your beautiful craftsmanship and hard work. The product reached me very quickly and I loved it. Thank you :)
Tülin / 10.02.2018
A perfect job in a short time?
Aslı K. / 07.02.2018
Thank you. It arrived exactly as I wanted.
Yavuz S. / 25.01.2018
Necip G. / 24.01.2018
We really liked it, it looks even prettier than in the photo. Well done!
Nuri S. / 20.01.2018
The product reached my hands very quickly and was packaged very nicely. The product was successful and turned out just as I expected.