Vintage Style Personalized Pocket Watch

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Item #105973

Key Features:

  • The clock is 2" in diameter.
  • There is a logo and train embossed on the front.
  • There are Silver and Gold Color Options.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Mehmet O. / 06.03.2023
Your service was quick and beautiful, thank you.
ÜMİT İ. / 17.12.2022
The watch with a bracelet is very beautiful, it was shipped quickly, and the personalized text is complete, simple and elegant gift packaging was made. Thank you.
MERVE O. / 30.08.2022
Hayat c. / 17.08.2022
We liked it very much, thanks for the fast delivery.
Dinçer C. / 30.06.2022
Derya K. / 24.06.2022
I made my first purchase from this website, and it was sent very carefully. I bought it as a birthday present for my boyfriend. The product was just like in the picture, and the fact that you can write a note is a thoughtful touch. It was shipped on the same day I ordered it and arrived the next day. You can buy with peace of mind.
Elif t. / 21.05.2022
The packaging was very nice. I really liked it. The gift was just what I wanted.
nurhayat y. / 28.03.2022
Thank you for your meticulous behavior and fast delivery 💐 I loved the packaging and the gift note card on it. It's exactly what I wanted, YOU ARE AWESOME 👍👏👏
Ihsan G. / 27.12.2021
The packaging was carefully prepared and the gift messages were correct. The print on the watch was also of very high quality. Thank you.
Aylin u. / 24.11.2021
Thank you very much, it was a very nice and beautiful beginning. You are welcome and lucky to be here ❤
Ayşe N. / 24.08.2021
Melek o. / 23.08.2021
Very nice product. Thank you.
Aysun M. / 13.08.2021
The product arrived so quickly that I was very surprised. The packaging and attention were very good. I was a little hesitant because it was my first shopping, but I really liked it. Thank you.
Deniz D. / 11.08.2021
Cihan U. / 17.07.2021
The product is very beautiful, I bought it as a gift for my friend and he really liked it. He said he was almost in love with it.
Ozlem a. / 06.07.2021
We really liked the product.. and the gift package was beautiful too.
Elif T. / 06.07.2021
Fast shipping, beautiful packaging, elegant print, thank you very much.
Esranur S. / 21.05.2021
The product is really wonderful :) The style of writing, size and everything is great, it's a very special gift. I recommend it.
Yiğit Ç. / 09.04.2021
Delivery was very fast. The product was beautifully packaged and the item itself was very nice. I recommend it.
Cansu S. / 29.08.2020
Ömer T. / 09.06.2020
I had bought it as a Father's Day gift. The product was very beautiful.
Aydanur G. / 01.06.2020
The product is very beautiful and of high quality. The watch is not too heavy, but not too light. The packaging and transportation were very good. I recommend it to everyone.
Nilda B. / 22.10.2019
Thank you for your service approach, delivering products on time and with quality.
Azize v. / 22.05.2019
I really wasn't expecting this much, it just arrived in my hand and I loved it.
SAMIRE A. / 14.06.2018
I'm very pleased. Thank you.
Oğuzcan Y. / 17.02.2018
Thank you, everything was perfect and flawless. Congratulations on your efforts.
betül . / 16.06.2017
This was my first purchase from this website, and not only did I not experience any problems, but the information and customer service I received took my satisfaction to the highest level. The product being identical to the visuals erased all doubts in my mind regarding its reliability.
ümit n. / 06.06.2017
The product was just as I expected and it was delivered to me very quickly. I am very satisfied with this shopping experience and I would like to thank everyone involved in making it happen.
SALİM K. / 15.12.2016
The product arrived even more beautiful than I expected. The notifications were very good.
Gulsen O. / 10.05.2016
fatma / 07.01.2016
I am satisfied with the product and your service, thank you.
MELİSA M. / 12.11.2015
Thanks to those who contributed more than meets the eye.
YUSUF B. / 10.11.2015
Thank you very much.. The product is even more beautiful than shown in the photos.
Esma a. / 11.02.2015
I was very satisfied, just as it appeared, I didn't have any problems and it was in my hand within 2 days. It was very liked, so much so that I will be placing my 3rd order shortly.
Müge / 18.12.2014
I found your product a bit careless. A higher quality product could have been made for this price. As soon as I picked it up, the chain came off. I didn't like that the name writing was straight. It could have been in italic or handwritten for a more pleasant appearance.
Yasemin / 29.08.2014
I ordered a gift for my friend for the first time from your website. I didn't see it, but my friend said it was a very beautiful gift and he is very satisfied. I will definitely be visiting your site more often. Also, the fact that it arrived in one day is amazing. Thank you very much...