Classic Car Design 3D Led Lamp

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Item #106260

Key Features:

  • Acrylic sheet (Upper part) is prepared by laser cutting of durable transparent material.
  • The bottom base is solid wood and measures 2.25" x 5.5" x 1.25".

  • Powerful LED lamp gives yellow color.
  • You can also use it for decorative purposes in your home, office or as a night light.
  • Has a USB input so it can be powered by desktop computers, laptops and powerbanks.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Selin T. / 02.02.2023
The size is really very small, the price for this size is high. Otherwise, the product is nice, successfully emitting light. It arrived sturdy.
Ezgi D. / 07.09.2022
I bought the product as a gift and it was loved. However, it's a bit small and it would be nicer if it was cordless. Thank you.
canan k. / 31.03.2022
It was beautiful, it came just as we wanted.
AYSE G. / 15.03.2022
A beautiful souvenir. I hope it will last long. Thank you for the packaging and speed.
CANSER E. / 26.02.2022
Product is very nice and impressive, thank you. Only problem is that we received it from the MNG cargo branch. The product was not delivered to the address.
Serpil P. / 21.02.2022
They provided a very fast delivery. It was a nice birthday gift.
Mizgin a. / 10.02.2022
The product is very beautiful and the light is also strong. I deducted one point because it is too small.
Nihan m. / 07.02.2022
The gift package is wonderful, thank you for the care you have shown.
Fatma K. / 24.12.2021
I live abroad and I placed an order, but I had second thoughts because I didn't have a chance to return it. However, it arrived just like in the photo and I really liked it. It was just a bit smaller than I expected, but the packaging was also great.
Utku K. / 21.12.2021
Fast delivery and quality product. If I have to make a suggestion for improvement, the lights could have been LED.
Fehmi K. / 13.11.2021
The lighting and image are very nice. It arrived quickly. Thank you.
Çiler / 08.11.2021
The product and the quality are very nice.
ümit a. / 03.11.2021
Sevinç A. / 09.10.2021
It was smaller than I expected, but I really liked it. I'm glad I bought it and thank you for delivering it to me so quickly.🌸
Metin Ç. / 25.09.2021
Cansu Y. / 28.08.2021
I never thought it would reach my hand so fast, and the products are great too. Thanks to everyone who contributed.
Kübra S. / 16.08.2021
Thank you for the extra effort for a fast delivery.
Sevda k. / 09.08.2021
It means "very good" in English.
FATMANUR B. / 09.08.2021
The product is very beautiful, elegant and stylish, I recommend it 👍🏻😊
Tugba K. / 17.07.2021
Very good.
Serpil c. / 11.06.2021
A quality product just like it appears in the visual. We bought it for my nephew, and he liked it very much.
Ebru A. / 07.06.2021
We really liked it and I am very satisfied. The packaging of the product was also exceptional. Thank you very much.
Ayla ç. / 02.06.2021
We really liked the product and the company shipped it right away, but we chose kargoist for its speed, unfortunately it was delivered on the 3rd day within Istanbul.
BUKET K. / 04.05.2021
The product is nice, shipping is very fast...
Pınar d. / 12.04.2021
Thank you for the fast delivery and quality.
Fatma K. / 20.03.2021
Great packaging, great service and immediate delivery.
Seda t. / 20.03.2021
I received the product earlier than the promised day, and it was prepared with great care. I really liked it and I am very satisfied. Thank you.
Murat ö. / 13.03.2021
The product arrived in my hand very nicely and it is as beautiful as it looks in the product picture.
ruveyda e. / 26.02.2021
It was shipped quickly and reached us in a short time. We really liked it.
ruveyda e. / 26.02.2021
The product was quickly shipped and we received it in a short amount of time. We really liked it.
Yakup Ç. / 04.02.2021
To be honest, I had some reservations when purchasing the product but I was really happy when it arrived. It is of high quality and also very fast.
Gizem B. / 30.01.2021
It arrived without any problems. Thank you.
MERVE D. / 19.01.2021
I placed an order on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday at noon. We were very pleased with everything. The gift was nicely packaged.
Tuğba k. / 28.12.2020
The product was shipped the next day, I was very surprised. When it arrived, I was even more surprised. It looked much better than in the pictures, it really is a gift that should be purchased.
Yaren H. / 09.12.2020
It arrived faster than expected and well-packaged, but smaller than what I was anticipating. Nonetheless, I am satisfied.
Murat . / 28.10.2020
Very beautiful.
Gamze A. / 06.10.2020
The gift is very beautiful and stylish.
Hilal a. / 11.09.2020
I am very satisfied with the product, thank you for everything ☺️
Tolga D. / 21.05.2020
Nursima D. / 18.05.2020
Our gift arrived quickly and smoothly in my hands. Even though it came a bit smaller than I expected, it looks very cute and sweet. I recommend it...
Bahar S. / 30.03.2020
Very beautiful and useful, it turned out to be absolutely magnificent as a decorative piece, I definitely recommend it.
Meltem ç. / 21.02.2020
Unfortunately, it's not as amazing as its price suggests, saying I'm disappointed is appropriate.
Mustafa A. / 12.02.2020
The product has just arrived in my hands without any problems, and it came in a beautiful gift package. It consists of two pieces, and there is no adapter included. You can run it by using a computer or a charging adapter.
Mert a. / 09.01.2020
Seda s. / 03.01.2020
I am very satisfied with the product.
SERPİL T. / 08.12.2019
As expected, everything arrived perfectly with our product. Thank you for your attention.
Neslihan A. / 30.07.2019
Semra Ö. / 30.06.2019
The ordering and delivery process was very easy and fast. Shopping without any problems :)
Kübra d. / 12.06.2019
It was beautiful even though there were slight scratches.
Emily V. / 04.12.2019