Gifts for Babies Personalized Photo Printed Wooden Lamp Box

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Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 5.5" x 7" x 2"
  • Works with 3 pcs. double A batteries.
  • Since it is a wireless product, you can use it in any environment and change its location.
  • It eliminates the troubles such as the need to be close to the outlet, to try to hide the cable.
  • Material: Solid wood - Acrylic
  • The bright LED light makes the design stand out with a cinematographic feel.
  • Thanks to long-lasting bright LED lights, it does not heat up and consumes very little energy.
  • 5V Led lighting is used.
  • It is a decorative lamp that can be used for home and work places.
  • It provides an elegant touch to the environment as ambient lighting.
  • Living room, bedroom, young room, baby room are the main areas of use.
  • You can get a dim environment in your room as a night light or bedside lamp.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Süleyman B. / 17.11.2022
High quality and very stylish