Personalized Photo Printed 3D LED Lamp

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Key Features:

  • Acrylic sheet (Upper part) is prepared by laser cutting of durable transparent material.
  • The bottom base is solid wood and measures 2.25" x 5.5" x 1.25".

  • Powerful LED lamp gives yellow color.
  • You can also use it for decorative purposes in your home, office or as a night light.
  • Has a USB input so it can be powered by desktop computers, laptops and powerbanks.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Dilaver O. / 30.01.2023
I liked it. Fast delivery. Thank you.
Hasan P. / 26.04.2022
Brenda R. / 09.12.2021
I am very satisfied. Thank you.
Kübra A. / 28.10.2021
I shopped from this website for the first time and I am very satisfied. I forgot to add a note while placing my order. As soon as I contacted the representative, they added my note immediately. My questions were not left unanswered. I bought the product for my friend but I did not send it to him directly as I wanted to check it first. I also liked the product that I received in a short time. Thank you for your efforts.
Medye O. / 19.08.2021
I bought it for my friend and he liked it too :)
NAGİHAN Ş. / 05.11.2020
It came quickly and was perfect. Many thanks.
Seyfi İ. / 02.05.2020
I bought a product from this website for the first time. The order I placed at night was shipped within 24 hours. I appreciate this speed. You will be my first choice for my future gift shopping.
Burcu T. / 11.03.2020
I made my first purchase and I would definitely do it again with peace of mind. My product was delivered very carefully and when I contacted them, they treated me very kindly. Thank you very much.
sedayigit@msn.com / 06.11.2019
As always, you did not disappoint me. Thank you for the beautiful and timely delivery.
alexandramae92 / 29.07.2020
Fast delivery and a really fun gift idea!
Nadhirah J. / 01.09.2020
Reviewed b. / 01.10.2020
This was a last minute gift and I’m so glad I found them. It came when it said it was expected to come which was pretty fast! And it’s such a cute thoughtful gift! I love it! Highly recommend!
Giselle C. / 08.10.2020
I really loved the lamp it’s in good quality and yes there’s a very few spots that are white but the lamp looks beautiful and the light is bright too I would really recommend this.
Kellen B. / 10.10.2020
Kylie / 26.10.2020
Caitlin / 20.11.2020
Delivery was really quick and I loved the product, only criticism is that the photo was a little off centre, but otherwise perfect :)
Nafisa R. / 14.12.2020
Picture was clear, it came out amazing
Jono / 24.01.2021
Amazingly produced product. Love the final touches. Thank you!
Breann / 31.03.2021
Everything came out great and quick!
Randi R. / 16.05.2021
It’s beautiful
Ashley H. / 27.11.2021
Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! Better than I could have ever expected. Fast shipping. Beautifully packaged. This is gonna be an absolute favorite Christmas present for my daughter.
Francesca / 10.12.2021
this was a great gift for my boyfriend's mom!
yvonnes99 / 27.12.2021
Great quality product! Fast service.
rkattgow / 19.01.2022
It was a christmas gift for my sister in law and she loved it!!!!
Pau / 02.10.2022
The light on the first version wouldn't turn on but after asking for a picture, Okan sent a replacement that turned on. The picture also looks good
Haley / 02.10.2022
Came packaged beautifully and quality was so good! Would definitely recommend
Harrpottertanja E. / 13.10.2022
All in all, I like the finished product. I decided not to return it - it was, however, sent from Turkey, which is as far as I know not the location that is stated on the profile of the shop, so I suspect dropshipping, which I find unacceptable if that is really the case. It is also slightly crooked and the edges are a bit broken. Nothing too obvious, but I expected better.
Kevin G. / 13.12.2022
Emily B. / 24.12.2022
Justin K. / 26.12.2022
Alan C. / 26.12.2022
amandafsc1 / 01.01.2023
Jennifer T. / 03.01.2023
Another excellent quality gift from this seller. Love their work!
Kara E. / 06.01.2023
nas1926 / 22.01.2020
Miry / 20.06.2020
The print came out great and the lamp is very nice
Amanda M. / 17.09.2020