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Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket

Wearable Red Fleece Blanket

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Item #104922

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 49.25" x 69"
  • It is comfortable and keeps you warm. Made from ultra-soft fleece fabric.
  • It comes in standard size that fits everybody.
  • It can be washed in the washing machine.
  • It is suitable for both women and men.
  • You can fold it and store it easily without taking up space.
  • Hands free to use phone, remote or computer.
  • It is a blanket that will keep you warm with its large sized cuffs.
  • Red Fleece Blanket with Wearable Sleeves - Single TV Blanket is sent carefully as a gift package.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Nuri M. / 26.01.2023
The product is a thin polar fleece and it looks just like in the pictures. It's very nice. I received it in 24 hours and the gift packaging was also very beautiful. It deserves 5 stars.
Ayşe A. / 02.01.2023
Thank you.
Özlem B. / 29.12.2022
I bought it, thinking it would be the perfect gift for my mother who gets very cold... My mother loved it 😀
Sertaç K. / 26.12.2022
Incredible fast delivery, very careful packaging, and a highly reliable courier service. Thank you.
Aysun B. / 26.12.2022
Superb, wonderful, cozy, long, soft just how I wanted 🙏💞
zafer b. / 19.12.2022
The package arrived quickly and it's beautiful.
İclal S. / 17.12.2022
I really liked it, the packaging was great. I recommend it.
Fevzi B. / 07.12.2022
Honestly, I was a little nervous because it's my first time shopping here, but the shipping was fast and the packaging was very nice.
Cuma P. / 01.12.2022
Thank you very much, it arrived on time, thank you.
EDİP O. / 24.11.2022
Fast shipping, quality service.
Osman y. / 22.11.2022
One of the most beautiful gifts you can give to the person you love..
Volkan s. / 29.10.2022
Red, both soft and beautifully sewn, and also the size is appropriate.
yasin k. / 22.10.2022
It arrived in 2 days. The packaging was done nicely. I thank everyone involved.
Nilüfer D. / 06.10.2022
Behiç K. / 04.10.2022
Product quality is very good, packaging is excellent, I recommend it to everyone.
Zerrin S. / 17.09.2022
I really liked the product and it was great to work with you for fast shipping... Customer satisfaction is prioritized. Thank you...
Ahmet B. / 13.05.2022
Thank you for the fast and accurate product delivery in one day. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Serap d. / 09.05.2022
Fast shipping and quality products. Thank you.
Fatih / 18.04.2022
I think it is quite practical as it was liked by the person I purchased it from.
Cumhur N. / 15.04.2022
Beautiful day.
Adem e. / 08.04.2022
Harika bir ürün
Devrim K. / 10.03.2022
It makes me very happy and pleased to experience the peace and happiness of shopping from you every time. Although I have confidence that the product I purchased will reach the recipient as a gift, your step-by-step guidance is a separate honor. Thank you very much for never shaking my confidence.
Murat k. / 07.03.2022
The same thing came, beautiful and without any trouble.
ALİ Ö. / 01.03.2022
Soft and warm, very nice. My spouse loved it.
Kenan Ç. / 14.02.2022
The product reached my hands on time. Thank you.
ERDEM K. / 11.02.2022
The packaging was very careful and beautiful, it arrived in our hands quickly, and my spouse really liked the gift. Thank you 😊
Ali Ç. / 11.02.2022
The packaging and shipping are excellent. The product is also of high quality. I would recommend it to everyone.
Atilla G. / 10.02.2022
batuhan d. / 09.02.2022
The packaging was very nice, and it arrived in my hands very quickly. My friend really liked the gift.
Vedat Ö. / 09.02.2022
My fiancé was satisfied and the packaging was very careful.
TARIK G. / 04.02.2022
When I buy from this site, it comes quickly and reaches my hand in a reliable way. Seriously, I am very satisfied with its service and the products are of good quality. I recommend it.
Halil T. / 03.02.2022
Everything was fine and fast. I'm giving it one star less because they asked for the delivery code from the recipient. It's a gift after all. It needs to be kept secret :)
Eylem K. / 29.01.2022
Meticulous and high-quality 👏
İlyas ö. / 20.01.2022
Can Y. / 18.01.2022
I bought the product for my lover and they liked it. I knew what they would love and the shipping was fast.
Kadir t. / 02.01.2022
My girlfriend really liked the product.
Koray K. / 30.12.2021
The gift owner really liked it, the note and packaging were great, well done.
Onur K. / 29.12.2021
A very useful product during winter days.
Arda a. / 29.12.2021
I bought a New Year's gift for my fiancé and they took so much care in packaging it that I keep wanting to place orders with them.
Mustafa U. / 28.12.2021
The product is very nice and the packaging is great. It arrived a bit late, but that's the only problem. Apart from that, everything is very good.
Ali Ç. / 27.12.2021
Kadir s. / 27.12.2021
It arrived four days later, I think it was late, but the product is nice.
İzzet A. / 24.12.2021
A very beautiful product was highly praised and I am also thankful for the careful gift wrapping.
Erdinç İ. / 07.12.2021
The product is quite nice, but I was expecting it to be a little wider. By the way, the packaging was amazing. Friends who will buy the product as a gift can directly remove the shipping bag and give the product as a gift. It was not only very beautiful, but also packed with care. Many thanks to the packaging team. It heats up nicely, the only disadvantage is that your partner may fall asleep during the first try :) Congratulations to everyone who received it as a gift.
Adnan / 29.11.2021
The product will be as beautiful and high quality as it looks, and it will be worth what you paid for it.
Aysun G. / 25.11.2021
Thank you very much for the product and the packaging. It would be even better if there were more variety. I am very satisfied.
Kemal Ö. / 21.11.2021
I am satisfied with the quality of the product.
Betül A. / 12.11.2021
My order arrived very quickly and it looks exactly as it appears in the picture. Additionally, they were very helpful and attentive, so you can shop with ease of mind.
Recep T. / 11.11.2021
Muammer E. / 06.11.2021
It came very quickly, nicely packaged, thank you.