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Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket
Wearable Red Fleece Blanket

Wearable Red Fleece Blanket

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Item #106880

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 49.25" x 69"
  • It is comfortable and keeps you warm. Made from ultra-soft fleece fabric.
  • It comes in standard size that fits everybody.
  • It can be washed in the washing machine.
  • It is suitable for both women and men.
  • You can fold it and store it easily without taking up space.
  • Hands free to use phone, remote or computer.
  • It is a blanket that will keep you warm with its large sized cuffs.
  • The product is gift-wrapped elegantly.
Average Rating
Furkan Ö. / 10.02.2023
There is no problem with the quality of the product. My suggestion to the manufacturer is that this product should be available in standard size as well as in a larger size with longer width. This way, I could also buy the larger size and be happier. It would be ideal for those who have model measurements, but unfortunately, it is too small for the rest.
Aykut u. / 01.03.2022
Fast delivery. It was also nice to receive it in a gift package. I bought the product as a gift and it was liked. Thank you.
MURAT K. / 12.02.2022
Very beautiful.
Tuğçe G. / 04.02.2022
I am very satisfied, packaging and the product were very nice and fast, thank you :)
Meryem Y. / 03.02.2022
I am satisfied with the product and shipping service.
Selim p. / 20.12.2021
It arrived to our hands very nicely and quickly, we really liked it. I highly recommend it ♥️.
Nazım K. / 22.10.2021
I am impressed with your speed. Wishing it to stay consistent. If you are 182 cm tall and 90 kg, there are some exposed areas, but the product is nice and practical.
Zehra B. / 22.10.2021
İbrahim A. / 12.10.2021
Thank you very much, well done 🤗
Birol B. / 05.10.2021
Favorim hs
Edanur T. / 02.09.2021
Smooth and well-packaged. I am very satisfied. It is very comfortable to wear and keeps me warm instantly.
Şen F. / 02.08.2021
I bought it for my daughter as a birthday gift. However, her friends liked it so much that I had to buy it for all of them. It's a very stylish product.
Fatih B. / 15.06.2021
The package has been great, thank you.
Dilek K. / 28.05.2021
Packaging 5 stars, service 5 stars. Thank you. Excellent.
Tolga D. / 07.05.2021
The fabric is high quality and practical, suitable for any paint. It's a nice gift.
deniz y. / 16.02.2021
This was a birthday gift. Even though I placed the order early, the delivery was incredibly delayed. I had planned for it to be in their hands on February 10th, but it arrived on February 16th. I am very upset and angry. The product was nicely packaged and good, I have no complaints about the product itself. But please reconsider your delivery company or the person responsible for shipping.
Birol B. / 22.12.2020
Thank you, very fast, high quality, and reliable.
Gönül A. / 22.12.2020
Very nicely packaged, great quality, and extremely careful. Thank you very much.
Burak S. / 19.12.2020
Kadriye D. / 01.12.2020
Gökhan A. / 27.11.2020
My order arrived very nicely and hygienically, thank you.
Nisa A. / 30.10.2020
The product arrived in a much shorter time than I expected. It looks just like it does in the photos.
Ayşın T. / 28.10.2020
Very handy. Thank you for the fast delivery and careful packaging.
EŞREF K. / 30.09.2020
A useful product, in addition to being wearable, makes it more enjoyable.
Mehmet F. / 05.03.2020
An interesting and warm gift?
ZEYNEP G. / 23.02.2020
HARUN S. / 16.02.2020
ZEYNEP G. / 13.02.2020
A perfect product for those who feel cold.
ZEYNEP G. / 06.02.2020
This is a great thing for people like me who get very cold, I love ittttttt!
Semi b. / 06.02.2020
The shipment product is good, but I think it would be better if there was a possibility to not block the front during packaging.
Fatih K. / 15.01.2020
It's a very nice product.
Muhammet A. / 03.01.2020
i Very beautiful.
Kopar M. / 24.12.2019
The packaging of the product is nice. The delivery was on time. The fabric of the product is not bad, but the product is very tight. However, it can be worn by thin people. There's no belt to cover the front of the product. Also, other brands have pockets but this product doesn't.
Serdar K. / 20.12.2019
The product is very beautiful and soft. I would recommend it to everyone.
seyit a. / 12.12.2019
The packaging system was very good to ensure that the order did not get damaged. Additionally, the quick delivery was commendable. Thank you.
Mehmet P. / 11.11.2019
The product is very beautiful, practical, and warm.
Gökan E. / 01.11.2019
Thank you so much, well done.